Dawley Hamlets Parish Council


29th January 2024

Dawley Hamlets Parish Council appreciates the need for extra housing to accommodate the rapidly increasing population of Telford, but believe that the four areas shown in the Local Plan:

413 - Upper Coalmoor Farm - 200 properties on 8.49 ha - 0.04 ha per property - not allowing for roads and footpaths

696 - South of Coalmoor Road - 200 properties on 8.50 ha - 0.04 ha per property - not allowing for roads and footpaths

187 - West of Wellington Road - 70 properties on 3.51 ha - 0.05 ha per property - not allowing for roads and footpaths

302 - Meadowvale Nurseries and Garden Centre - 150 properties on 3.04 ha - 0.02 ha per property - not allowing for roads and footpaths

would change the village character of Horsehay and alter the quality of life of its residents, in order to alleviate these expected changes, DHPC gives the following recommendations:

A total of 620 properties in the proposed areas would bring a large number of extra vehicles onto the already busy roads in the area, leading to the need for a detailed traffic plan which looks at the speed limits on the roads, new junctions on the present roads at the access points to the new developments, provision for safe pedestrian crossings due to extra traffic in the area, along with footpaths around the area, all of which needs to be in place before building begins, There is a danger if the 4 developments are agreed upon, but not built at the same time, a detailed traffic plan would not go ahead. Forward thinking is a priority.

Much thought needs to be given to the provision of an increase in community facilities, shops, medical centres and the provision of school places, all of which are at present lacking in the Horsehay area, for not only the new residents, but also present residents, these new facilities being in place, ready for new residents moving into the developments.

A study of the local water courses, to ensure that the proposed developments do not increase the risk of local flooding.

In conclusion, Dawley Hamlets Parish Council is not in favour of the developments shown in the Development Plan, unless the above recommendations are acted upon.


9th January 2024

Telford & Wrekin Council wants to know your views on their draft Local Plan and proposed site allocations for the borough. 

The closing date is 31st January 2024 

Local Plan (telfordandwrekinlocalplan.co.uk)

25th September 2023

The Borough of Telford and Wrekin has commenced a full Community Governance Review, following recommendations made by Boundary Review Committee on Thursday 7 September 2023.

A Community Governance Review is a legal process where the council will consult with those living in the area, and other interested parties, on the most suitable ways of representing local people.

Following the publication of the Terms of Reference, the initial consultation stage has now commenced.

The Council may consider the following factors:

  • the impact of community governance arrangements on community cohesion;
  • the size, population and boundaries of a local community or parish;
  • community governance that will be reflective of the identities and interests of the community in that area; and
  • arrangements that provide for effective and convenient local government.

The initial consultation stage closes on Monday 20 November 2023.

Further information, and how to make a representation, is available on our website where you can download the notice of review, terms of reference and information pack:


17th August 2023

T&WC have notified us of the following information that outlines the traffic management arrangements for a temporary 30mph speed limit along Castlefields Way, Aqueduct and Southall Road, Dawley.

Telford & Wrekin Council are placing this restriction due to upcoming highway works. The restriction will come into force on Monday 21st August 2023 and will last for a duration of 18 months with an end date of Friday 21st February 2025.


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